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All boilers are designed and built in accordance with requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code

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The warmth of the water out of the wet-back will depend on the size of the fire and the size of the wet-back system. If both are small then the warm pipe out won't get very hot. If your power supply to the water cylinder is "off-peak" only, then that will only heat the water between about 10pm to 6am.

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Steam Boiler Offering you a complete choice of products which include wet back design gas fired boiler, hybron skid mounted boiler, urjex make external furnace steam boiler, agro waste fired steam boiler, three pass steam boiler and fully automatic steam boiler.

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A dry base boiler has a fire box under the boiler and will need refractory material oposite the burner (target wall) to absorb and help distribute the heat back up into the bottom of the boiler. Since the fire is under the boiler, most dry based boilers are vertical tube to get the exhaust gases past the boiler and out the top mounted flue.

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Boiler - Fundamentals Steam production and steam uses great deal as the boiler pressure increase The boiling point (b.p.) increases as the pressure increases Dry back or wet back design Single fuel or dual fuel design Little or no steam separation equipment. Fire Tube Boilers.

Wetback vs Dryback firetube boiler desi

The wet back boiler design uses separate tube sheets between tube passes which can be more forgiving with load changes. Wetback firetube boilers offer a more optimal functional footprint, with lift off or split-hinged doors that require no cool-down period and can be opened immediately.

Why Our Boilers Are Designed As Wet-Back Boilers: Dry-Ba

Why we design wet-back boilers Those frustrating problems brought by dry-back boilers can be resolved by our WNS Wet-back designed boilers. WNS gas and oil fired boiler has a full wet back radiant heat transfer area that promotes superior internal water circulation and rapid heat absorption, rear tube sheet, and allows tubes to expand and

Wet Back Boiler - 3 Pass Wet Back Oil Fired Boil

Our offered Wet Back Boiler that comes with a reversal chamber that is completely surrounded by water, which is used to direct flow gasses from the furnace to the tube banks. The surrounding water absorbs burner heat, helping improve operating efficiency as heat from combustion goes directly into evenly heating water instead of refractory.

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Horizontal Return Tubular Fire Tube Boiler. As one of the oldest and most simple designs for …

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File Size: 97KB Horizontal Return Tubular Fire Tube Boiler. As one of the oldest and most simple designs for … Oct 07, 2016· Boiler is a closed vessel that is used to produce steam at desired pressure. There is a reversal chamber for flue gases between 1st & 2nd pass is provided inside the boiler shell .In dryback boiler rear wall is lined with refractory. In dryback bo

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Semi-Wet Back Boilers. In semi-wet back boilers, the side shell of the wrapper drum which is connected to the furnace is surrounded by water while the rear end of the wrapper drum is exposed to the outside environment. These types of boiler also have radiation losses but are less as compared to dry back boilers. Fully Wet Back Boilers

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The design of the wet back boiler can be frustrating for Boilermakers due to the limited access to install tubes in the combustion return area of the boiler. The limited space in wet back boilers makes it necessary to choose alternative methods of tube installation.


BOILER DESIGN: Three-Pass “FireBox” design with stress relieving “Wet Back” Firetube construction. Pressure designs for steam are n 7.4-650 HP } 15 psi. max. Built to Section-IV ASME Code. Hot Water pressures models are from